ritap you have to teach me how to link because thats awesome.but back to work the reason why i did this post is because theres this website i found that teaches you how to draw (only if your interested) go to www.drawingnow.com heres some Ijan and i drawed he drawed most

hey me again

hi its me again and kaiah if you see three comments from me my computer was mucked up but its the third one.okay back on the road today we did this thing called blog watch where you can see every body elses blog and comment on theirs or you can put up a new post.in maths today we learnt how to add and subtract decimal numbers using mental strategies  you should really see amypws’s blog

first post ever

hey people this is my first blog EVER and  i am so proud of my teacher for actually setting this up so thank you mister valter and also misers wallice for giving us the laptops because everyone in the class notices that its much more quieter and we get more work done.